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14 March 2005   


Big John at GOWM

Here's the dude, John Garland, in front of his cabinets. Due to the recently announced cuts in the civil service, it sounds as if there will be no IT department. It'll probably be outsourced. But don't tell any one, because it'll scare the horses.

What do you mean Steve?

Well, most of the civil servants are ex pen pushers, ink and quill pens! And not very computer literate. Having someone in the building who could come down and help has helped. Telephoning someone to try and explain the problem so they can figure out what the problem is before they can offer a solution is going to be... problematical.

john Garland


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Brad's pouting kisses

It's going to have to be my mission in life, to capture the definitive picture of Bradley and his pout as he goes to kiss someone. Here he's relaxed it for the photograph.
brad threatens a kiss


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